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Low price Point Of Care Testing Internship Job

May 8th, 2023 at 07:36   Training   Safi   26 views Reference: 303
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low price Point Of Care Testing UD-Bio (short for Shenzhen Ultra-Diagnostics Biotec. Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2016. It is a Shenzhen and National high-tech company and is headquartered in Shenzhen. Firmly committed to our aim 鈥淏ecoming a leading total-solution supplier of products Point of Care鈥? With Portable HbA1c analyzer UD-H100锛宧ealthcare professionals can be assured that they are getting the accuracy, reliability, and cost efficiency they need to screen patients at risk of diabetes or to evaluate diabetes situation and give related therapeutic regimen .The Portable hba1c analyzer is used together with the Glycohemoglobin test (HbA1c) to determine the percentage of glycosylated hemoglobin in human whole blood (fingertip blood or venous blood) with the principle Boronate affinity chromatography applied. Technical spe cification TestitemHbA1c Test principleBoronate affinity chromatography InterfaceLCD display; One-dimension barcode scanner (optional) LanguageChinese ,English,custom Measurable range4.0%-1 4.0% PrecisionCV< 3% (HbA1c: 4%-6.5%) Sample typeFingertip peripheral blood 1 Venous whole blood Voice promptVoice prompt in whole process Memory capacity1000 test results Transmission modeUSB / Bluetooth Dimension Weight Power supply146mmx6 6mmx30mm 130g (without battery) 100- 240VAC, 50-60Hz; 4x1.5V AAA batteres Operating condition Storage conditionTemperature: 10C- 30"C; Relative humidity:鈮?0% Temperature: -40'C-55C; Relative humidity:鈮?3% Because of the portable HbA1c analyzer is convenient, portable y extremely suitable for various primary medical care institutions and homecare self-testing, thus greatly improving the diabetes screening and management conditions of people nearby. It is applied widely in Hospital Clinic Pharmacy, Diabetes Center, Physical Examination Center, self-monitoring. Product Description Product Name: Coagulation Analyzer Product model:聽UD-H100 Use It is used to determine the prothrombin time (PT) of human capillary whole blood. Portable Hba1c analyzer suitable for people who suffer from coagulation abnormalities or who need regular monitoring of coagulation function on long-term oral anticoagulants. Can be used in hospital or home. Working When the whole blood sample is dropped into the test card, the blood sample coagulates, and its conductivity will also change accordingly, resulting in a change in the current value. The portable Hba1c Analyzer tests this process and calculates the change time of the sample. Display the result on the screen. Performing a prothrombin time test can vary greatly depending on the test method used, and the test results will vary. In order to balance this difference, the World Health Organization (WHO) established the International Normalized Ratio (INR) as a standardized reporting method for monitoring PT in patients treated with oral anticoagulants, so that the results measured by different thromboplastin reagents are comparable. When the coagulation analyzer detects prothrombin time, it reports prothrombin time (PT) and international normalized ratio (INR) at the same time. Instructions for use: (1) available to persons with medical expertise; (2) Non-professionals (or their family members) should use it under the guidance of a doctor. The test results should not be used as the basis for clinical diagnosis and guidance for medication. Consumers communicate relevant questions or concerns to healthcare professionals after obtaining relevant test results. Its features are the following: 鈭?Compact and portable, easy to operate 鈭?Use fingertip blood, convenient and quick 鈭?One-step test, results in less than 4 minutes 鈭?Accurate results, highly consistent with HPLC 鈭?Completed the NGSP certification Before聽using聽the聽portable Hba1c analyzer, please聽scan聽the聽QR聽code聽below with聽a聽mobile聽phone聽to聽watch聽the聽operation聽video, and聽read this聽聽quick聽operation聽聽guide聽carefully聽to聽聽avoid聽misoperation and聽detection聽failure. This聽quick聽operation聽guide聽cannot聽replace聽the聽detailed聽user manual聽聽聽of聽聽UD-H100 聽聽portable聽聽聽glycosylated聽聽聽hemoglobin analyzer, please聽be聽sure聽to聽pay聽attention聽to聽the聽safety聽tips聽in the聽user聽manual.low price Point Of Care Testing website:http://www.u-divds.com/point-of-care-testing/

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