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Diamond Bearing price Full-time Job

May 26th, 2023 at 10:04   Financial Services   Rukban   10 views Reference: 326
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Diamond Bearing price Viewlink has been focusing on better application of diamond bearings (PDC bearings) in rotary steering, turbodrills, downhole tools, oilfield pumps and other equipment, and continue to explore the limits of their use in harsh environments, aiming to use unique The technology promotes Viewlink Diamond to become a good supplier and service provider in the field of global PDC tools. The diamond thrust bearing is assembled in a series, and the PDC is welded to a steel bearing ring by brazing. A PDC thrust bearing group includes a rotating bearing ring and a stationary bearing ring. The two rings are opposed to each other, and the PDC surface on the inner diameter of one of the rings is in direct contact with the PDC surface on the outer diameter of the mating ring. During operation, the PDC surfaces on the two rings rub against each other, but this friction is very low. In some applications (such as rotary guidance systems), when PDC bearings need to withstand thrust and radial loads, thrust bearings and radial bearings can be integrated into a single bearing unit to provide a more compact bearing assembly. That is combination bearing. Features of Viewlink PDC combination bearing Diamond bearings are very resistant to wear. Compared with traditional tungsten carbide or other hard alloy bearings, the life of diamond bearings is 4 to 10 times longer, and they can operate at high temperatures (the current upper limit temperature is 233掳C). The PDC bearing system can absorb excessive load for a long time, and the low friction loss in the bearing assembly further increases the transmitted mechanical power. Specification of Viewlink PDC combination bearing The size of the bearing varies from 1 inch to 10 inches. Our PDC bearings and wear parts can be customized according to customer鈥檚 drawings or samples. Contact us now for your need on PDC combination bearing.Diamond Bearing price website:http://www.vlink-pcdcutters.com/diamond-bearing/

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Diamond Bearing price